Dec 21, 2011

D. Whisper - Never Get Enough

So I was on my late night browsing the web and I see my boy (who is from belize) who goes to full sail post a video from some guy named D. Whisper. I hit the play button and Im like okay cool belize has a music scene (of course they have one, but I am thinking more soca/reggae vibe) but I would have never thought of rap/hip hop scene by any means..I know I know other countries rap as well, I'm no fool and I listen to rappers from the UK and Japan all the time so I know other places do it to, but I just wasn't thinking about a rapper from belize...cut me some slack...hhaha

...but then beat switched up on me and then I was like "Ohhhhhhhh" I would have never thought I would be stumbling upon this young boy out of belize with a banger! Well, I wont talk too much more enjoy the track! Gotta respect the grind even when its outside the borders ya dig!

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